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1 Bible Stories & More is divided into three main sections: Old Testament, New Testament, and Holy Land. Each contains its own Table of Contents. Inactive menu items are grayed out, which means they haven’t been released yet. You will receive notice via Facebook once or twice a week as new topics become available.

The New Testament section covers the years leading up to and following the Bible New Testament. The focus of the Holy Land section is Historical Geography.

Jethro brings Moses his family2Click maps for enlargements. Move your mouse on and off the map for annotations, including captions and other details. The same applies to other images when, as you move your mouse over the image, the cursor changes to the hand icon.

Example. The thumbnail to the right is a map of Sinai, which we use in Period 4 – Birth of Israel, to tell the story of Jethro coming to Moses with his family. Click to enlarge, then, as you move your mouse on and off the map, notice the route (blue line) and how it follows the wadis through Sinai.

3Click orange dotted lines below a word or phrase for “sidebar” or pop-up information (e.g., book reference, subject details, images, and so on).