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Source of Bible Maps

Bible maps are created from Landsat 8 satellite images using a combination of techniques, which help bring out the terrain’s natural color to produce a more realistic view of the land. We use special software to create three-dimensional looking maps based on two-dimensional images. Our map archive extends from Italy around the Levant to Egypt, which corresponds to the lands of the Bible.

To all our maps we add a special overlay system, developed here at Bible Stories & More, to annotate images without destroying the data. You access the overlay by hovering your mouse over the image. You hide it by moving your mouse off the image. The examples below are taken from an Old Testament story (maps 1 and 4), or provide geographical background for an Old Testament story (maps 2 and 3). The context is not provided; the purpose here is to show the technique.

Map 1 represents a two-dimensional map. Maps 2, 3, and 4 are two-dimensional maps with a three-dimensional look. Click a thumbnail to advance between maps. To enlarge a map with its corresponding annotation, click anywhere on the map itself, then move your mouse over the newly displayed map. Click the map to close it.

Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Israel
  • S0301.03
    Period 3 – The Patriarchs. Topic: Abraham. Story: Battle of the Kings.
  • Lebanon and Northern Israel: Plain of Acco, Upper Galilee, Sea of Galilee, Lower Galilee, Jezreel Valley.
  • Northern Israel, Syria, Jordan: Jezreel Valley, Galilee, Jordan Valley.
  • S0501.04
    Period 4 – Conquest of Canaan. Topic: Out of Sinai. Story: Esau’s Children.