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The Land and the Bible

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Celsus Library Ephesus – Turkey

Sea of Galilee – Israel

Sphinx & Pyramids – Egypt

What is Bible Stories & More?

This website highights Bible stories with maps and pictures, as well as notes and commentary that focus on the biblical message, its background, and its application today.

We use historical geography to amplify, enhance, and, whenever possible, provide a better understanding of the Bible. Historical geography is only a tool. It is not the focus of our study.

We hope that you will take time to ponder the meaning of the stories we present here, and ask yourself: “Why is this in the Bible? What is the lesson to be learned? How does it apply to me? How can it strengthen my family?” Doing so will accomplish the reason for reading the Bible and learning God’s word.

What is Our Purpose?

Jesus Christ portraitJesus Christ is the answer to the world’s problems. If ever there was a need to embrace God’s word, and follow the teachings of Jesus, it is now. He came into the world to save the world, providing all people with an opportunity to believe on His name (see John 1:12; NASB, NIV, ESV). There is no other Way, Truth, or Life that can deliver you clean and whole, back to God, to dwell with Him and Jesus forever (see John 14:6; NASB, NIV, ESV).

Bible Stories & More is our gift to you. If we succeed here, it will be by the grace of God that we do.